May 20 2010

Who can you trust?

I went to Subway for lunch today and as I was pulling in, I noticed a couple with a baby talking to this guy (we’ll call him, douche bag) in the parking lot. I initially thought they knew each other and were just leaving after having lunch together. But then, based on the body language of douche bag, it looked like he was asking for something……..money “for food”. I went inside and proceeded to watch from the window as I waited to give my order. The husband (the good samaritan) must have told douche bag that if he wanted money for food, he would have to wait a minute while he helped his wife put the baby in the car and that he would then take douche bag inside, let him order and then pay for his sub. Well when they got inside, the douche bag ordered his tuna sub, the good samaritan gave him the money and then headed back to his wife and baby at the car. Well as soon as he left, douche bag cancelled the lady making the sub, put the money in his wallet and made a beeline for the other door! I wanted to stop the guy but having my own family now and also not being in the best part of Orlando, I decided not to. The good samaritan couple hadn’t left yet, so I walked over to their car to let them know what had just happened. Fortunately he only gave the douche bag $5. I can understand why he wanted to help him because douche bag looked like an everyday guy. He had on clean khakis with a polo tucked in and probably gave him a good story of needing money to pay for his lunch.

Even though it was only $5, it still made me mad to see someone being taken advantage of like that. Especially a couple with a new baby. I can’t watch the local news as much any more because society just keeps getting worse and worse every day. It makes me nervous to know that I am raising a child in this type of environment. Fortunately with me and my wife’s backgrounds, I do feel comfortable knowing that we will raise our son to be as safe and as cautious as we possibly can.

Be careful out there and watch out for those bag’o’douches!


  1. J Ferree

    well said Jay, I feel the same way. Its scary out there all we can do is try and show our kids “the right way to be” . That’s not going to protect them from the world and it’s evil , but it will hopefully give them the tools to make good decisions and become good people.

  2. Britta

    Seriously. I am so fed up with homeless people, and that could be close to the most ass hole thing to say, but everyday in SF, you get bothered by the same bums, and even ones with designer clothes on… They argue with you, and chase you around. It just gets really old.

    I think it’s cool you let them know what the guy was up to. I think they should have waited until the douche got the sub though.


    Good blog post.

  3. Amy

    That sucks. This kinda shit has been happening since . . . the beginning of time! We just notice more now because we are trying to do the right thing for our children and we want them to grow up in a safe environment. I still think we shouldn’t get down on society because there are good people out there . . . like the nice couple! I also think that technology plays a part in us thinking things are worse because we have a “window” into everything . . . all the time! Don’t get down on all people!

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