Jun 15 2011

Tool Time!


I’m a computer guy (no, despite what you may think of me, the post title isn’t referring to me) and I do know a few things around the house, but in no way am I Handy Manny (if you watch Disney, then you know). I can build and fix your computer, but installing a toilet or replacing an outdoor light fixture, not so much. Well this past weekend the wifey and I finally decided to install the new closet organization system that we bought a couple of months ago for little man’s closet.

When we bought the house it already had the same boring/crappy shelving that comes in most new homes.


So I pull all of the parts out and get the wifey to choose which system she would like to use, since we have options.


I take apart the old closet rack and then get to work on getting the main horizontal support bar up. I won’t be getting into my measuring disability (I must have been sick that week in school) or how many times I had to run downstairs to get the proper tools. Nope, there was another issue I ran into and for once it was more Rubbermaid’s fault than my lack of skills. I look over the screws and the anchors. They should be in equal amounts, correct?


I thought maybe it was in error and maybe someone at the plant had a “case of the Mondays”. So I went to the directions to reconfirm my findings and it stated: 13 screws and 8 anchors. I read further on in the directions and it mentions about attaching the mount to studs and to use anchors if needed. I used the stud finder and other than myself 🙂 (come on, you knew it was coming), I only found one stud in the wall. Well at this point I thought it should be interesting as I will need to use at least three of the anchors for the main horizontal support bar. I get it installed with no issues (much thanks to the wifey for the measuring assistance).

The screw/anchor count is now 9/5. I then have to install four of the vertical support bars that have four screw holes in each. That leaves me 7 screws and 11 anchors short. Time for a trip to Lowe’s. Since it was late in the afternoon and we also needed to hit up Target for storage bins, we decide to call it day.

Sunday I picked up where we left off and got all of the vertical support bars installed. I then installed the shelves and hanging bars.


The one downfall was that we were short a shelf mount to have another long hanging bar run across all the way across the bottom. But we are going to order one more mount and another small shelf.

After going through allllllllll of the clothes (gotta keep them in case baby number 2 down the road is a boy), toys, stuffed animals, etc. , this was the final result of the project.


We were pretty pleased with it and the fact that we were finally able to get little man’s room back in order because the closet was getting too full and unorganized. Another positive from this project…..I didn’t break anything or make any extra holes in the wall this time (we’re not going to mention the bottom of the stairs baby gate installation). I did learn that when you work on a project in your toddler’s bedroom that you run into a few extra, but fun, delays such as: mid-afternoon naps (woohoo, siesta for mommy and daddy), chasing him around to get the needed part he’s holding, allowing him to help, and playing with him with old toys that he hasn’t played with in a while.

The next project is to install a motion light on the outside patio. Time to call Aflac and get an accident policy.

Do you like doing home improvements yourself? Are you home-improvement-challenged like me?


  1. Wifey

    You did a great job! Next time, let’s send Ethan to your moms though :0)

  2. Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run

    I SUCK at home improvement stuff. And unfortunately, my hubs doesn’t really like home improvement projects so they are few and far between. Looks like you did good though. And the stud comment did give me a giggle. 🙂

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