May 24 2011

The Weekend Review

This past weekend was supposed to be….*insert big announcer voice*…… “the Rapturrrrrrrrrre!!” but we are all still here. So for the believers of the Saturday event, I guess Jesus was just saying, “Gotcha!”….


Friday night, due to *insert big announcer voice* “the Rapturrrrrrrrrre!!” (getting old already? Ok, I’ll stop.), my wife and I decided to be bad and have pizza from our new local favorite pizza place. What? It was the end of the world on Saturday. My last meal was NOT going to be a salad or grilled chicken! 🙂

On Saturday, when we realized we were still alive, the wifey, little man, and I decided to go to Disney for the day. Little man had fully recovered from his bad week long cold and we wanted to get him some fresh air. Plus it was Star Wars Weekends at Disney Hollywood Studios. Before we headed over to SWW, we went to Animal Kingdom in the morning because little man likes to see all the animals.


It was really hot and busy (long ride wait times), so we decided to stick with just walking around to see the animals. We also picked up one these for little man while he’s in the stroller.


If you plan on getting one, make sure to bring extra batteries because the batteries included do not last all day.

At noon we walked over to Rainforest Cafe for lunch. The wifey had been there before but it was the first time for little man and me.



I liked the atmosphere and the food was good. Little man had pizza. The wifey and I got house salads and shared the nachos appetizer, which was gooooooooooooood!

After lunch, little man got a nap in and then we headed over to Hollywood Studios. It was still really hot, so we decided to just go see the Star Wars characters and get pics from the side instead of waiting in the long lines for the meet and greets.


During our walkaround, I caught Vader coming out to head towards his meet and greet station down the way. I was in his path and able to get some really good pics as he walked towards me.



After a while, all three of us were hot and really flushed, so we took a 30 minute A/C break in one of the restaurants. We ended getting drinks and a dessert that came in this cool R2D2 holder/stein/mug.


Since the wait times for Star Tours and Toy Story Mania were over 60 mins long, we hit up another favorite ride of mine there…The Great Movie Ride. I’m a big movie nut. I like how the ride takes you through some of the classics and then ends with famous movie and soundtrack clips.


The handful of times I have been to Hollywood Studios in the past few years, the lines have been really short for this ride. It’s great because we can walk right on the ride but I’m hoping this isn’t a sign that they may one day get rid of it because no one goes on it.

After The Great Movie Ride, we got SWW souvenirs at the giant Jabba the Hut tent, had a snack and then headed home.

Sunday was just a simple relaxing, hang around the house kind of day. We looked into the diet plan that we were starting for the week (more details after a week of trying it), planned our menu for the week, and then went to the grocery store. The highlight of the day was at bath time for little man. My wife was with him while I was prepping things for bed time and I hear him saying, “Dadda? Dadda? Daddaaaa?”. So I walk in and for the first time ever, he says, “Sit down.” I guess he couldn’t continue bath time with out all of us there. 🙂 That was really the first time he’s communicated with two words in a row as well as telling/commanding something. It was a great moment and I wish we had the video camera rolling.

That pretty much wraps up the weekend. I am really looking forward to the upcoming three day weekend!

What did you do for the weekend? Did you do anything for the Rapture?


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  1. Wifey

    Perfect weekend! I love that you have Fan Boys on in the background of the pictures

  2. iJason

    LOL, I was wondering if anyone was going to catch that. 🙂

  3. Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run

    Aww, the pic of your wife and the little man is super cute. And I love that mug!

    Did they change up the Great Movie Ride? I remember last time I was on it (which was a LONG time ago), the movies weren’t that updated.

    Now I’m interested in this diet you speak of…

  4. iJason

    Thank you! 🙂

    I was originally going to pass on the mug because of the price but then after I considered that it came with food and what the other souvenirs cost, I decided it was worth it. I think they also had something similar where there’s no handle, the top stays on differently and you can buy popcorn in it.

    No, still the same movies in the animatronics section but I noticed they added a few semi more current movie clips in the end, like Finding Nemo. It’s been a while since they made this change, but the hijacker is no longer a gangster. It’s a cowboy/girl that shows up in the western section. I liked the gangster one better.

    I am trying to decide if I am going to wait a week or month before posting about the diet. Stayed tuned. 🙂

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