Feb 12 2012

Sunday SINS: 2nd Edition

Sorry I'm not sorry.

Yep, it’s back….Welcome to the 2nd Edition of Sorry I’m Not Sorry aka Sunday SINS.

It’s been about 5 months since the 1st Edition and there’s a few thoughts and decisions that I would like to own  up to.

I’ve been on two plane trips since the last SINS and I have decided that I really don’t like people that recline their seat on airplanes, especially on under one hour flights. We are already packed in there tight as it is. I don’t need you reclining all the way back into my already small personal space. It also makes it difficult to reach my laptop bag during the flight without bumping the back of your seat or when my son in his car seat (that you saw when getting in to your seat) is going to more easily accidentally kick your seat. So as long as you continue to recline your seat, it’s going to get bumped. Sorry I’m not sorry.

If you are under the age of 30 and smoke cigarettes, you’re an idiot. All of the education and dangers that my generation and younger has been made aware of, why do younger generations still smoke? It drives me nuts! I am close with a handful of those that are younger than me that still smoke and I love you all, but…..you’re an idiot! Sorry I’m not sorry.

If I see you slightly making an attempt to make a lane change without using a turn signal, I’m not going to slow to let you in. Sorry I’m not sorry.

I miss the cold and wish we could have at least three months of cold weather. I know it’s the “Sunshine State” and I don’t want it to be snow cold, but 50’s and 60’s during the day and mid 40’sin the evening would be awesome. I know most come here to get away from the cold, but I’d like to get a break from the heat and humidity. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Ahhhhhh…..these types of posts always feel good after they are done. If I offended anyone, well…..Sorry I’m not sorry.  🙂

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