Sep 19 2014

SpaceX: The Right Stuff!

In case you missed it earlier this week, NASA awarded contracts to two companies under the Commercial Crew Program. One company was Boeing and the other, my favorite, SpaceX!

boeing spacex


Huge congrats to SpaceX! They’ve made great progress with their Falcon 9 rocket and their Dragon capsule in getting us closer to manned spaceflight from Kennedy Space Center again in 2017!. The news is perfect timing too, as SpaceX is launching from Kennedy this weekend, September 20 at 2:16 am, to bring supplies up again the International Space Station. So if you are in the Central Florida area and are up that late/early, make sure to look up into the sky to watch the launch.

Below is a video of their Dragon Version 2. Musk doesn’t give the greatest presentation, but the technology makes up for it!

¬†Even though I’m a big fan of SpaceX, I wish success to both companies because it would be nice to see people get excited again about space travel. The last time we launched astronauts from Kennedy was STS-135 in July of 2011. I mean, we’re still going up by hitching a ride with the Russians, but since the launch is over there, no one really hears about it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hope that one day this country will unite again and get Go Fever!


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