Apr 26 2011

Run Forrest Run!

So last week I had the !@#* scared out of me, which I think put me on the path to finally living a healthier lifestyle. I didn’t achieve every short-short goal that I set for myself this past weekend but I did meet most of them. I was always aware of my eating/drinking habits the whole time. I didn’t eat huge portions at meals, I stayed away from beer, I didn’t do any late night grazing, and I drank more water than I normally do.  Since it was Easter, I also reduced the amount of candy that I normally eat. I actually didn’t have any Peep chicks. *Insert sound of tiny village of little Peep chicks cheering in joy* The best part of it all is that I did all of this while I was out of town! 

Today a new goal is being added….complete a 5K.

I am going start a Couch to 5K program with my wife. Running never really appealed to me because it didn’t look like fun. However, it always looked like it was a great workout that helped release stress, find some type of inner zen, and just felt good when it was over. I’ve now chosen the 9 week program that I want to follow and I still have the proper fitted shoes from last year.

To start my warm up workout week, I hit the pavement today with a 25 minute run/walk after work with my son in the jogging stroller. (See view below….and then add heavy breathing.)

I have set my training schedule for next week, I am hoping to stick to this or a similar schedule for 9 weeks to help meet the program’s goal.

  • Monday – Run/Walk
  • Tuesday – Weights at the Gym
  • Wednesday – Run/Walk
  • Thursday – Weights at the Gym
  • Friday – Run/Walk
  • Saturday and Sunday – Rest and Recovery

If anyone has any type of advice, I would definitely like to hear about it.

After today’s run/walk, I had the delicious dinner plate below that was made by my beautiful wife! I am really starting to feel better with eating healthier.

Time for bed!


  1. Michelle

    Yay! I so excited you’re doing this. With anything related to health and fitness — be patient. Your whole body will hurt at times, but that just means you are doing it right (well, unless it something acute — then that’s not good)!

    Of course you picked the hottest time of year to train — so make sure you drinks lots of water!!

    Have you read the blog bendoeslife.com? So inspirational! If you haven’t – start from the beginning when he training for his first 5K.

    1. iJason

      Thank you! Yeah, I am a little sore today but it actually feels good!

      It was crazy hot yesterday! I wasn’t too smart either and didn’t bring water. I definitely won’t do that again!

      Thanks for the blog recommendation, I will have to check it out. May be helpful if I get frustrated in a few weeks.

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