Dec 07 2012

I am a Phoenix!


If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have noticed my vague countdown that started in September and went over a 10 week period.



Well the reason for the countdown and my lack of blogging was because of one reason….I was going back to school to finally wrap-up my Bachelor’s degree and it was the final 10 weeks before I finished.


0!! #countdown ....... It's over!! Blog post coming soon on this vague and probably annoying countdown. :o)
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As of midnight, November 13th, I completed my degree in Information Technology with the University of Phoenix! And for the first time in all of my academic life, I did it with a 4.0!


100% Completion with a 4.0!


At the stroke of midnight I danced a jig like Bruce Willis in The Last Boy Scout.



I actually danced it a little better. 🙂 (Yes, I’m a nerd, but remember….I have a hawt wife! 🙂 )

There was only a handful of people that knew about me going back to school because it made it a lot easier if  things got delayed or if for some reason, I didn’t finish. However, I was very driven to get this done and no matter what my schedule threw at me, I was going to finish and do it with little to no delays.

It’s been an interesting two year journey and I’ve learned a lot. Most of my nights consisted of posting class participation and discussion question posts as well as working on individual and team assignments. I thought I was going to be able to keep my blog going during school but I was usually too burned out with writing at the end of the night and just wanted to surf the Internet or go to bed. Hopefully now I can get the ball rolling again and become a full time blogger. There’s a lot of non-school things that have happened over the last two years that I want to share. There will also be more current things, like what’s new with Google+ on Tech Tuesday. What do you mean you still haven’t joined Google+?! Stop making excuses and get on there! 😉

I would like thank my beautiful wife and my amazing son for being so supportive and awesome while I was going to school. Along with the great feeling of accomplishment, it’s a great to finally give them 100% attention again.

What were some of the things you had to give up while going to school? Have you thought about going back to school, are you going now or have you recently finished?

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  1. Britta

    Congrats Jason!!

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