Mar 21 2010

Operation MO Week 2: New Attack Plan?

A little late on this one…….

You don’t have to eat right and/or exercise to lose weight. Oh no, there is something so much easier and quicker than those methods……the stomach flu!! This fun little virus sneaked up on me on Saturday morning right around the time I was almost done recovering from my cold. What a very bad day Saturday was! Chills, aches,  sleepiness and then my favorite of them all, porcelain praying. The good news though….I lost 4lbs! The total is now up to 5.8lbs. I am hoping to start back on my Nike+ training this weekend. The new time change this past weekend is going to make starting the before-work workout routine over again lots of fun. 🙂 Too much Gatorade this week instead of water and not eating enough calories earlier in the week may lead to a low loss next week but we’ll see.

Motivational Quote of the Week:  Good habits result from resisting temptation.

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