Mar 13 2010

Operation MO Week 1: Road Block

I know what you’re thinking, “Road Blocks in week 1!? Really!?”. It’s only a minor one that hasn’t slowed down my attitude nor made me lose my motivation. As always, I got off to a strong start with eating right and exercising. In the past, I have always taken the first week off from exercising due the fact that I am drastically reducing my calorie intake and my system is a little shocked. I have learned that any time I work out in that first week, my body gets run down too much and I usually get sick. Well being stubborn as well as excited to try out my new Nike+ gear, I exercised….. and I got sick. Fortunately, it’s just a basic cold thanks to my checkup at the Minute Clinic (which I highly recommend if you just have a cold and can’t get into your doctor. They are a lot faster and cheaper than Urgent Care. And no, if there are two people ahead of you, your wait isn’t two minutes. :o)

Anyways (should’ve got some ADD meds while I was there), back to OMO Wk1.  I ended up only working out for a couple of days before I got sick but I did eat healthy throughout the week minus date night dinner on Friday with the Mrs and a birthday luncheon for a good friend on Saturday. Both times, I didn’t eat healthy but I also didn’t go overboard and kept to portion control. So at my second weigh-in, I had a loss of 1.8lbs. Not great, but it’s a loss and 1.8 lbs closer to not being in that damn MO category! Due to the cold, I’m not expecting much out of Week 2 but I am still motivated, still on the path to a healthy lifestyle and looking forward to getting back to exercising in Week 3!

Motivational Quote of the Week: It’s not how many times you get knocked down…..it’s how many times you get back up!

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  1. Mike Tokarczyk

    Sticking to it always the hardest.

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