Sep 05 2014

Nerd Proud

I remember growing up watching movies in the 80’s and thinking I don’t want to be a nerd.


Even when the Tri-Lambs were victorious in the Greek Games or when the nerdy guy in glasses got to ride off with the beautiful popular blonde into the sunset on the lawn mower, I was scared to be a nerd. I didn’t change anything about me, I was still a nerd but I disguised it. It did bring a little bit of anxiety, especially when it came to moving and meeting new friends. I’ve always hoped and still do, that my boys never have to go through that type of anxiety of worrying about being a nerd.

Unfortunately there is still bullying going on out there but there is also something very awesome that I have noticed going on over the last 5-6 years……..that it’s awesome to be a nerd!  More and more are coming out and owning that they are proud to be a nerd.

I recently wrote a post on Facebook about how lucky this nerd (me) was to marry such an amazing and beautiful woman (my wife). There were a few comments under the post from friends and family stating i wasn’t a nerd, like it was sort of a negative thing and that I didn’t  fall under that label. I found it funny and understood what they were trying to say, but I wanted to confirm that I was/am a nerd and very proud to be a nerd. 🙂 I love computers, the Internet, technology, Star Wars, learning about science and anything that involves NASA and space exploration.

While I know it’s a lot easier to own up to it as an adult than as a child/teenager, i am hoping this new trend will eventually make into the younger generations that being a nerd isn’t a negative thing.

It’s awesome to see celebrities like Zachary Levi show and confirm it’s ok to be a nerd through The Nerd Machine.

zl1So, let’s start assembling the machine, rallying the troops, and marching toward our ultimate goal of proving once and for all that the geek shall inherit the earth.
Love, Blessings, and Viva la Nerdolution…
– Zac

Then there is the amazingly awesome answer that Wil Wheaton gave at a Comic Con last year to a little girl’s question about how to handle being called a nerd:

What a great response! Hopefully this video will still be around when my boys are older, so i can have them watch it. I don’t want them to grow up being nervous to be a nerd, i want them to realize it’s ok. Nerds are no longer the stereotypical characters from 80’s movies.  Most of the successful people out there are nerds. They are athletes, CEO’s entrepreneurs, astronauts and popular celebrities.

So if you are a nerd, own it and be nerd proud!

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