May 09 2011

Mother’s Day Weekend.

What a busy and fun weekend! It was a complete 180 from the one we had last year. Last year was my wife’s first Mother’s Day Weekend which included rushing our son with a 105 fever to the ER on Saturday and then laying in bed all day Sunday due to a bad cold she got. I’m really glad this year’s went a lot better!


Friday morning my wife got to go do “Muffins with Mommy” at my son’s school.

The weekend then kicked off after work with giving my wife two dozen of her favorite roses from my son and I.

Then we headed out for date night with a couple of friends for dinner and drinks. I tried a Shock Top for the first time and it was pretty good.

The bad thing was that it wasn’t a light beer. But it was Friday, my “Free Day” from my diet and I only had two regular beers.  “Free Day” of course, doesn’t mean I go overboard, but can enjoy a few things that I cut out during the week.


We woke up Saturday morning and headed to Sea World’s water park, Aquatica. The weather was perfect and we were able to get a good seat under one of the giant umbrellas.

This was the first time we have ever brought our son there. We took him into the wave pool a couple of times and then headed over to the rapids which is basically a more fun and faster moving lazy river which he ended up liking too. He also enjoyed the giant kids splash park and probably went down one of the slides 20 different times. It was great exercise for my wife and I. 🙂 The best part of the day was at the wave pool or the rapids we would get him to say “Whooooooooaaa” or “Duuuuuuuuuude”. (We watch a lot of Finding Nemo these days 🙂 )

On our way home we had a van pass us that had writing on the side, that I had to share.

I think what made it most comical, is that not only was it written on the side like this, but it was also written incorrectly on the back. I’m not perfect and I make typos when I type blogs, emails, etc. but I think this is something I would triple check before applying it to a company vehicle.


After breakfast with my mom on Sunday morning, we made a last minute plan change to go to Sea World instead of EPCOT.

We hit up the penguin exhibit first because it’s one of our favorites in the park.

When we arrived at the exhibit, we learned they were going to do a Q & A with one of the trainers. Then at the end of the Q & A they were going to ask a trivia question about the information that was covered and the first person to get it right, got to go back and meet a penguin. Well they asked the question, I threw my hand up because I knew the answer immediately, the lady pointed in my direction and started walking towards us. This was it, we were going to get to meet a penguin! ENNNNNNNNNT A lady behind me must have raised her hand a half a second before me because she was picked to answer. I swore to my wife, that by the end of the summer, we ARE going to meet a penguin! 🙂

We ended our day at Sea World with taking my son on the carousel. Since it wasn’t too busy, we got to ride it a few times in a row since he liked that he could ride by himself with me on the side and my wife riding a sea creature next to him.

As I mentioned before, it was a really fun weekend! My wife said she had a really great time with lots of laughs and memories. I’m really glad we could do that for her because she’s an amazing mom and I couldn’t think of a more perfect person to raise our son with!


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  1. Wifey

    Thanks for a wonderful weekend! You will have to do a lot of planning to top this one :0)

    1. iJason

      @Wifey Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, already brainstorming. 🙂

  2. Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run

    Shock Top is a win! They have a raspberry wheat one now that is definitely NOT on the diet list. Someday I will drink beer without guilt. And I think that will probably be when I’m old and lose most of my memories, but I’ll take it.

    Sweet Mother’s Day for your wife! I really liked Aquatica when I went. Love that lazy river!

    That van just reminded me of one I used to see all the time that had so much writing on it that there is no way you would know what the business was just by passing it. Now I need to get a pic of it. 🙂

    1. iJason

      @Paula Yeah, I learned a while back that beer is the worst thing to drink due to the maltose but it’s very hard to give up. Especially if there is a beer fest. haha

      Thank you. I think Aquatica may be where we spend most of our weekends this summer. Especially if gas prices don’t go down.

      I am always amazed as to why companies think it’s a good idea to diarrhea up their vehicles with content. Curious to see the pic of the one you see. This may make for an interesting blog category. 🙂

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