Sep 01 2014

Just Write….



Well here we are again……me trying to get this blog thing going again and you rolling yours eyes thinking, “Yeah, we’ve already been through this, big guy.” But I guess there is still hope since you are back and reading this right this very second.

Along with being busy with a new little one and new job over the last year, I’ve had blogger ADD. I think of a topic that I want to write on and by the time I can get around to writing, it’s either old news or I’ve thought of something else that I want to first brainstorm about before writing. So after discussing my issue with a few blogger friends, I was given the advice to just write…..don’t think….don’t plan….just write. So please excuse the ramble and topic jumps, I am trying something new to hopefully reduce my blogger ADD and get into a rhythm.

So what’s up? How are you? Where have you been? How about them Mets? 🙂

Speaking of sports, “some guy” named Manziel was recently fined $12,000 for giving my beloved Redskins the bird on Monday Night Football.

the finger

I laughed when I first saw that he was fined, as it was well deserved for that overly cocky kid, who really needs to mature as a man before he matures as a professional football player. What I didn’t laugh at was a following story on ESPN that another NFL player was fined $15,000 for simply simulating a slam dunk with a football through a goal post. That’s just crazy! I am really starting to wonder the priorities of the NFL. I understand the need for good sportsmanship and I’m not big on taunting, but all this was a simple touchdown celebration. No Fun League indeed.

While I’ve been away, I’ve been to a couple more #SandwichEatUp’s. What…..you live in the Central Florida area, love sandwiches, like supporting local businesses and haven’t been to one yet? What are you waiting for?! As I’ve mentioned before, not only is the food good but the people are awesome too! So make sure you come out to the next one. Deli Fresh Threads recently posted their next one and it’s got a little bit of a twist. Instead of being at a local sandwich shop, it’s going to be at the local food truck bazaar, I mean come on, who doesn’t like food trucks? 🙂 Maybe I’ll see ya there.

One last thing before I wrap this ramble blog up….we are going to be getting out Disney passes back in about a month! I am extremely excited about this and can’t wait to start blogging about our trips to the parks with the boys. It’s been almost year since we let our annual passes expire and we it wasn’t two bad since the baby was only a few months old. However, now is over 1 year old, is walking, becoming more independent and gets into everything. So it should be a challenge with both boys, but it’s well worth it!

Well off to bed……thanks for reading and hopefully we’ll see each other again really soon.

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