Jun 06 2011

iJason Facelift

You have probably noticed that the site looks a little different.

Welcome to iJ 3.0! 🙂

I decided over the weekend that it was time for change. However as you can see, it is a little similar to the older site (iJ 2.0). There are a few cosmetic changes though and I am still working on figuring everything out. I’m also working on a new header and hope to have it up soon.

I liked and picked this new theme because it gives a lot more control of the layout and function of the pages to the admin. Also, the comments sections are more normal and are threaded properly. The old theme drove me nuts with having to put “@” replies in my reply because it wouldn’t let me reply directly below the person’s comment.

I hope everyone likes the new look and that the site will continue to work properly for you.

New blog posts should be coming soon. 🙂


  1. Paula @ Eat, Watch, Run

    I like it! What are you doing your header in? I just redid mine too in Picnik. Which, if you haven’t used it, is basically photoshop for dummies.

    1. iJason

      Thank you! 🙂 I’m using Fireworks to create the header. I use that and Picasa to modify my images. I recommend using Picasa for editing and touching up images. I will have to check out Picnik though. I have heard about it before but never looked into it.

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