Dec 23 2011

How Fast Time Flies!

Things have been really busy with travels, weddings, holidays, and some other things that I hope to share around this time next year.  I also hope, at that time, to become a full time blogger too.

Due to the busy schedule, I also haven’t even had time to read some of my favorite bloggers posts and I haven’t been too inspired to write about anything.  Well something recently got me inspired and I wanted to blog about it.

A couple of weekends ago was 18 years that my dad passed away. 18 years! Crazy! When he passed away, I lost a piece of happiness inside of me for many years until my wife and our son were able to completely bring it back. It’s been a normal day the last few years on the anniversary and I was able to just focus on the positive and the fun times with my dad. This year was the same, but then it hit me, that with it being 18 years, my dad has been gone now for close to half of my life! For some reason, that thought just threw me for a big mental loop. So many things to not get assistance with and so many memories that couldn’t be properly shared. So many new and awesome people to not properly introduce. My dad was really cool and everyone liked him. He had great sarcasm and he always made people laugh. Those are things about him I miss the most.

All of this “being gone half my life” thing has made me think of myself and my son and how far off the fitness path I have fallen in 2011. I don’t want my son to go through what I did and reach a point at an early age where he realizes I have been gone for half his life. This could probably eventually happen if I don’t make a change. I have to make this change and I have to do it now. Everyone always says that you have to do it for yourself. Well, while I agree, I believe that I also need to do it for those I love. My wife and son shouldn’t have to pay for my laziness. I don’t want my son to be getting ready for his high school graduation, go to put on a tie, and realize that his dad never taught him how to tie a tie. So something has to be done. A plan has to be set. A healthy lifestyle path must be followed. Fortunately, over the years I have gathered and learned the tools needed to live a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately my lazy arse hasn’t utilized them!

So over the next week and a half, I am going to set some goals and make a plan for 2012. I’ve rambled on in posts before about how I’ve had some great motivation to finally live a healthy lifestyle. Let’s hope this one sticks!

If they have the Internet in heaven, Merry Christmas, Dad. We miss ya!


  1. Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run

    Well looky who decided to blog!

    I’m usually not one for New Year’s Resolutions, so I don’t make them. Although, I do want to make an effort to buy more high heels next year, so maybe that will be my resolution.

    Anyway, any reason to get healthy is a good one. Just remember you don’t need to stinkin’ New Year. If you fall of the wagon, get back on, and start fresh. I need to do something too. I really need to lose about 10lbs but it keeps finding me.

  2. iJason

    LOL…yeah, I thought I would freshen up the stale blog smell around here. 🙂

    I don’t think heels will ever make on the list, that is unless I add “for the wifey” at the end, which I am sure may be scribbled in after she reads this. haha

    That is a definite issue I have when starting something and falling off. I am hoping this time around my new motivation will remind me to get back on and keep going. I just have to remember to stop talking about it and do it.

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