Aug 18 2013

Guys Night…..In!

So last Wednesday the wifey went out for her first girls night since B was born and I had my first guys night in with both boys. Due to the excess amniotic fluid to the point that she was the size of carrying twins at the end and the recovery going slower than the first, this is awesome because she definitely deserves a night like that. It’s also awesome because it gave me a chance to increase my daddy confidence by watching a 7 week old and a 3.5 year old, by myself, for the first time. I needed to feed, bath, and get them to bed.

Barney HIMYM Challenge Accepted

I posted something similar on my various social media accounts. One that got a lot of responses and stood out the most was the Parenting community on G+. I couldn’t believe the number of stories of new dad’s that were worried about being alone with kids and what to do. One mom posted about a non-emergency time where her husband called her 30 minutes into her girls night, demanding she come home because the baby wouldn’t stop crying. Come on guys, daddy-up and don’t do this to your wives. If you know ahead of time that she is going out, ask lots of questions and maybe even do a small trial run while she is home. During the trial run, do everything on your own with no help from her. You can ask questions, but you need to do it all. You can never be prepared for all surprises, but you can definitely be ready for most.

I am probably weird, but I live for new experiences or challenges like this. I will admit, I was a nervous new dad when E was first born because I had barely held a baby and never changed a diaper. However, due to my wife needing a c-section, I was forced to learn quickly and help while she recovered. This is when I learned about my daddy confidence level and was eager to increase it every chance that I could. My biggest personal daddy challenge was when I decided to take E to Walt Disney World by myself while my wife was out of town for a bachelorette party. The trip was a complete success and I felt like I could handle anything. This increase in daddy confidence prepared me for future events like when she would have to travel for work for 3-5 days or the time when she went out for one of her friend’s birthdays and E was coming to the end of a small stomach bug. It also helped with Wednesday night….

Challenge Accomplished!

Challenge Accomplished! I made it through the night. I was able to get them both fed, bathed and to bed with no problem. My wife was also able to enjoy her night out without worrying about us at home. I do realize that it will not always go smoothly and there will be speed bumps. (Side Note: Not that I didn’t have respect before, but all of these solo parenting times have increased my respect for single parents.)

My next big personal daddy challenge is taking both boys to Disney by myself. Stay tuned for that adventure.

Do you have parenting confidence challenges? Have you had any solo parenting nightmares or successes?

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