Apr 28 2011

Grillin’ & Gadgets

I took a little bit of a rest day Wednesday to let my leg muscles heal from Tuesday’s run/walk. My thigh muscles are what ache the most but it’s a good ache. The one that you know you are doing something right to build them up.

Even though it’s pretty hot out, it’s nice to be grilling again. Not only can it be healthier but it helps from going out and spending money. Below is a shot of the new grill at work. It’s definitely a lot better than the first grill I bought. So far I’ve cooked regular burgers, turkey burgers, chicken and corn on it. The first grill session, the burgers, took some getting use to with the amount of heat it gives off in comparison to the old grill, but it’s all gone smoothly since. I will write a review at the end of the summer to see if it’s worth a recommendation to everyone.

We also got a new camera the other day.

Our Sony still works, but the color and clarity are amazing on this Canon. Plus it has a 12x optical zoom that takes great pictures, even in low lighting. I will do a review and share some shots soon.

As I am writing this blog, I am watching Tron: Legacy. I am at the scene where Kevin and Sam (father and son) see each other for the first time since Sam was a kid. It makes me miss my dad a little and wish that I could also have one more moment to see him again, to talk about what’s going on in life and to ask questions about his experiences in life that he didn’t share in the past because I was too young. It also keeps the motivation going in me to work on staying healthy for my son and my wife.

Thursday’s run/walk is going to be hot, but I will have water this time around. Stay tuned!


  1. Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run

    I have a Canon PowerShot too and LOVE it. It takes amazing zoom shots for a point and shoot.

    I like your thoughts on your dad. I had to do a whole post devoted to my dad not long ago cuz I was missing him.

    1. iJason

      I can’t wait to try it out more! It’s been a busy week and I have only been able to get indoor shots. How long do your batteries last and do you use rechargeable ones?

      Thank you. I will have to browse through and find your post about him. Recently thinking of my dad is what motivated me to start my ‘Dear Son’ posts for my son to read one day.

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