Jun 07 2011

Do or do not…there is no try.

This past weekend was the last weekend we had to take advantage of our Disney passes before the blackout dates start for the summer. So with the great news that Star Wars Celebration was coming back to Orlando in 2012, we went to Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekends. We kind of zipped through it all the last time we were there a couple of weekends ago because we had gone to Animal Kingdom first. Plus I never got a chance to ride on the newly updated Star Tours ride.

We arrived at the park at about 10:30 and was a little disappointed that Storm Troopers weren’t running security on the rooftops to the entrance like they were for MomJovi the weekend before. It’s not like it’s hot or anything. 🙂 No, I understand and completely respect the Cast Members and Volunteers that get inside the costumes during the hotter weather.

So when we first got there, we made a beeline for Star Tours to get the FastPasses.

Since rides similar to Star Tours make the wifey nauseous, I get to ride it twice by using her pass! Woohoo!! (celebrating a bit much on that one, are we?) 🙂

After we got the ST FP (what’s with the acronyms, ya lazy typer! And now using words that don’t exist), we headed over to Toy Story Mania to get the FastPasses for that ride. If you haven’t been to Disney at all or since they started the FastPass, they have signs above the machines, next to the rides, that give the come back times that the passes are being distributed for. Well the earliest time that was showing was 8pm -9pm. We weren’t sure we were going to be at the park that late with the little man, so we decided to not get the passes, suck it up and get in the 80 minute wait line for the ride.


It actually wasn’t that bad of a wait and the way they have everything designed on the inside, it kept the little man preoccupied the whole time.


This wasn’t my first time on the ride but once you ride it, you will understand why the FP’s go so fast and the line is long. It’s a fun 3D shooting ride that takes you through carnival like Toy Story themed games where you use your gun to throw pies, darts, rings, and suction cup bullets at targets.


My score is on the left and the wifey’s is on the right. Little man wanted to sit on the wifey’s lap, so I won’t brag about beating her(them) so bad. 🙂 However, as you can see they were way more accurate than me. This is probably the best score that I have gotten on the ride and I thought I did awesome…..that is until I saw the daily, weekly and monthly high scores that were in the 200k’s and the 300k’s (ut-uhm…cast member scores…*cough* *cough*). I use to work for Disney. I know what goes on before and after park hours. 🙂

We ended up missing the parade because we didn’t look at the time before going into the Toy Story. But it’s ok because you have to get a good spot early and I didn’t want to waste time sitting around. So we ended up getting some lunch and then walking around getting some shots of the Star Wars characters that were walking around throughout the park.


Then it was time for me to hit up Star Tours!


I was able to use both FastPasses and rode it twice within 25 minutes. I’ve hear that they have it setup with 50 different adventures. I got pod racing on Tatooine on the first ride and then the battle on Hoth on the second. I definitely recommend riding it and getting the FastPass.

We then hit up the Disney Jr show for my son and then the The Great Movie Ride which it was awesome to see they still use the Gangster character to take over the ride in the middle.

The last ride for the day was the Backstage Tour which I hadn’t done since the park opened over 20 years ago. (someone’s getting ollllllddd.) Towards the end of the tour we came across these two awesome Star Wars props.


To end our day, we hit up Jaba’s Hutt for some additional merchandise and our free Star Wars Weekend passholder lanyard.


It was a great day with the little man and the wifey and a great way to end out our passholder season until mid August. It also made me look forward to Star Wars Celebration in 2012!

If you could only choose one Disney park to go to for the day, which one would you pick?

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