Aug 18 2011

Dinner Detour

All of those meals the wifey cooked for her one month of meals marathon and what do we do on Tuesday……go out to eat. BUT we had a good reason. My brother-in-law and family, who are vacationing in Cocoa, made a surprise trek over to Orlando for shopping and to have dinner with us. So we met them over at BJ’s Brewhouse.

The wifey and I first ate there about a year and half ago and have been hooked since. The drinks (they brew their own beer!) and the food are good. Especially the Pizookie, which I will get to later. Crazy*Running*Legs and Eat:Watch:Run also give it two thumbs up.

Before I could enjoy my meal, I had to first bust my ass while carrying lil man. You see, the main entrance to BJ’s is a giant swivel door. Well I didn’t fully step in (broad shoulders) when we first arrived and a guy was trying to get in. So I stepped back and didn’t realize that a couch was right behind me. It tripped my left leg which then started a chain reaction of stumble backs until I was at, what I thought was the corner of an “L” couch. ENNNNNNNT. I sat down in a corner that had a gap of where two couches met. Fortunately it wasn’t too big of a gap and I was able to rest my left leg on one couch and my right leg on the other as sat into the gap. It was definitely a lot funnier to watch than I am describing. I was a little embarrassed (which is odd for me) but I laughed it off later on the way home.

Lil man likes the crayons at BJ’s because they are triangle and come in a triangle box. Always good to have something to keep the little ones entertained at this age while eating out.


The beer of choice for the evening: Jeremiah Red.

The wifey and I went there one night just for drinks as we waited for a friend from out of town and we tried all of the beers. (Yes, the wifey is a beer drinker and that’s just one of the many awesome things about her.) Jeremiah Red was my favorite with Piranha Pale Ale coming in second.

The food of choice for the evening: Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza


This is my favorite food item on the menu. I mean come on, you get the best of both worlds! The wifey was a little sad though because they no longer have her favorite dish, the Cuban Burger. She ended up getting the Portabella Mushroom Pizza and thought it was “dee-licious”. Lil man got the mini-cheeseburgers with the smiley face french fries.


The fries were a little creepy to me for some reason and weren’t very good. Lil man thought so too.

Dessert was next….THE PIZOOKIE!!….this is probably one of the greatest desserts made. It’s basically a cookie, cooked in a small deep dish pizza pan, topped with ice cream. Pizookie = Awesome!

The Pizookie of choice for the evening: Red Velvet


I think I heard the heavenly soprano sound of “AHHHHHHHHH” and a bright light shine from the kitchen when the waitress brought it out. It was shared between the three of us and didn’t last very long.

If you are in the Orlando/Millenia area, I highly recommend going there to eat.

This blog is about a day late because when we got home, I pretty much passed out on the couch after about an hour. One beer and lots of good food makes for a very overly relaxed iJ. 🙂


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  1. Wifey

    You forgot to mention that you almost took me down with you ;0)

    1. iJason

      Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I’m glad I wasn’t able to pull you down with me. I hope your arm is feeling better. 🙂

  2. Jackie @ MomJovi

    I am so sorry to admit this, but I just busted out laughing at that image of you almost falling. I have been there SO MANY TIMES. In fact, my nickname growing up was Grace, because, well, I had none. If it’s possible for me to fall, I will always do it. So believe me, I feel your pain.

    We have not been to BJ’s in years. We were there once and had a horrible server experience, and my husband tends to write places off after something like that. However, the Pizookie could be the thing that brings us back. Yum!

    1. iJason

      Haha…it’s ok, It was like a 5 second fall. Usually the wifey is the one that eats it. 🙂

      Definitely go back for the Pizookie. It will make up for the bad service you had before. The Trio Pizookie is a good one to start off with for the first time.

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