Jun 18 2013

Dear Son – #7

Dear Son,

Well we are within a week or so of your little brother getting here! I just realized that I never posted an update from the last Dear Son, that you were getting a little brother. As you can see, your Dad isn’t good with being consistent with these blog posts but I am trying and will eventually figure out a schedule. 🙂

At the second ultrasound yesterday, they did a quick bonus 3D scan and your little brother looks just like you did!

lilmantwo61713You are going to be an amazing big brother. You are already talking to him through you mom’s belly and you kiss him good night through her belly each night. 🙂 It’s also great to see your smile light up when you feel him kick or push her belly. If you have children of your own and decide to have more than one, you will learn one of the parenting challenges is making sure everyone feels loved equally. Since you are so young right now, we are doing everything we can to help you understand that you will be loved just as much when your little brother comes as you have been before he was born. We are a little nervous about it, but based on how awesome you have been with understanding why your mom can’t play with you as much in the last month, we think things will go smoothly.

Here are a few updates to share about you before you start to share blog posts with your brother.

On May 4 we went to the Studios for the May the 4th Be With You Celebration and since you had the toy of him with you, you were brave enough to walk up and meet Boba Fett. He thought it was awesome and held it up to the crowd that brought on cheers.

Photo May 04, 3 39 53 PM

We also both got to make our own R2 droids together later that day!

Photo May 09, 9 22 35 PM

You went to the beach a couple of times and got a kick out of destroying every sandcastle that I built. haha

Photo May 18, 4 45 01 PM

You’ve hammed it up for the camera, had lunch by the water and did Donuts with Dad at school.

Photo May 27, 7 31 12 PMPhoto May 19, 3 05 08 PMPhoto Jun 14, 7 04 37 AM

You also went to a toy store on a rainy day and out of all of the toys there, you plopped down in the book aisle and went through books for 30 minutes. Very awesome! 🙂
Photo Jun 08, 4 36 55 PM

And of course, before we left, you had to ham it up a bit as your current favorite super hero.

Photo Jun 08, 4 56 43 PMIt’s been a fun few months and I can’t wait for when our little family of 3 goes to a family of 4. I do want to apologize now for the lack of sleep zombie mode your mom and I are going to be in for a little while. Something you will learn first hand if you have kids and also something you will hear a million times from other people before the baby is born, “Get your sleep now, because you won’t be getting any with the baby comes”. That’s up there with, “When are you getting married?”, “When are you having kids?”, and “When are you having more kids?”, but that’s a whole different blog for you and your brother. 😉



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