Jan 17 2013

Dear Son – #6


Dear Son,

It’s been over year since my last post to you. A lot has happened during that time. You mastered your survival swim lessons and moved on to stroke class. You took that for about a month and then we decided to give you a break since you had been going for about year. Also, during that gap of time, you went on your first plane ride,

First plane ride.

traveled outside of the country,

Lil Man Niagara Falls Canada

went to your first wedding,

Lil man first wedding.

went to your first baseball game (Let’s Go Mets!),

Lil man first baseball game.

I finally finished my bachelor’s degree, and we found out you are going to be a big brother! In a few weeks, we are all going to find out if you are going to get a little brother or little sister. I am guessing the title of these posts will have to be slightly modified in July. šŸ™‚

The time is going by really fast and it’s amazing how much you have grown.

Lil man at my graduation.

I’m a bit of a Google fan and I know hope that they are still dominating the Internet when you are reading this. I recently saw this awesome video and thought about what I am trying to do here.

What an awesome idea! We may still do something like that to go along with these posts. I think it will be something cool for you to view on your 18th birthday.

I want to end with a big thank you for being so awesome over the last two years while I was going to school. See you next post after we find out if you’re getting a little brother or little sister. šŸ™‚






  1. Britta

    Congratulations on expecting!!

    1. iJason

      Thank you!! šŸ™‚

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