Aug 15 2011

Dear Son – #5

Dear Son,

Today will be one week that you started your first instructor only swim lessons. Last summer was basic swim lessons with your mom and you in a class of others, which was just to get you use to the water. The lessons you just started are basically “survival lessons”.


You cried during all of them, but you did awesome because when it came time to go under, you immediately stopped crying and held your breath. You were also good with rolling over on your back. At first, I think it was little tougher on your mom and I than you but it got easier because we reminded ourselves how important it was for you to get these lessons. Plus as you know by now, your mom was a swimmer and was on the water polo team.  After she showed me how to eggbeater in the water, I realized that was one sport I was glad to have never learned how to play.  😯

Since your mom was big into swimming, she was really excited about you doing well but was concerned on Friday that you wouldn’t like swimming after being done with all of your lessons because you cried during each class this past week. Well that all changed on Saturday at Aunt Jen’s Birthday Bash-a-Pool-ooza. You were like a fish. You were in the pool for almost 5 hours and during that time, you were either jumping to your mom from the side of the pool and then swimming back to the side or you were swimming back and forth between us. You had a blast and made us extremely happy to see that your lessons weren’t torturing you and were paying off. Unfortunately, I was a bonehead and didn’t get any pictures. However, here is one before your Friday lesson.

You never threw a fit while waiting for your lessons to start. But I think you did pay us back a little…well your mom more than me because you sat on her lap two minutes after this picture and peed on her. Now don’t get all embarrassed, you weren’t potty trained yet and you had to wear a built-in-cloth-diaper-swimsuit because they didn’t want to risk getting poo in the pool.


If and when you have kids, please make sure to get them in swim lessons early. It is something that you will be happy that you did. Someone that I went to high school with put their son in lessons at the same place you are learning and a couple of weeks/months later, their son fell in a pool at a birthday party and no one noticed right away. Thanks to the lessons, he was able to stay calm, roll over on his back and breath until someone noticed and was able to get to him.

There are many more stories that I want to share that have happened since my last post to you and I hope to share them soon. But I wanted to share this one first, to tell you how proud we are of you.


PS If you don’t understand the image of Bill Murray above, first smack me in the back of the head (gently because I am probably old by now) and then go watch Caddyshack.

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