Apr 19 2011

Dear Son – #2

Dear Son,

Before you were born, your mother and I took a few baby classes and browsed a few books to help prep us for first time parenthood. We also listened to advice from family and friends who had been parents. Out of alllllllllll the things that we read and were told, nothing ever informed us about….Croup! This blog is to inform you of what it is so that you are hopefully prepared early and don’t have the living crap scared out of you like your mother and I did when it first happened to you.

Croup is apparently a very common viral condition and something that I had when I was a baby too. It is a condition that inflames and restricts the upper airways just enough to cause a barking sound, like a seal, when a baby is crying or coughing. We were told that it usually happens in the evening, which it did with you. The late night nurse line told us to take you into a bathroom and steam it up with the shower (be prepared to sweat).  After about 20 minutes, we were to then bring you outside if it was a cool evening (it wasn’t) or open the freezer and stand next to it to let you breath the cool air. This is to help reduce the inflammation. If this didn’t work and your breathing got worse, we were to take you to the ER. Fortunately it worked and we used a cool air humidifier in your room the rest of the night. You saw your pediatrician the next morning, were prescribed a steroid medication and didn’t have another issue.

This blog was a little more serious than what I will normally blog about, so we’ll consider this to be a GI Joe cartoon moment. If Google is still around, which I am sure it is, and you don’t know what I am talking about with the GI Joe comment, Google it. 🙂



PS And the next time you want to go to Sea World, just ask. 🙂

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