Apr 12 2011

Dear Son – #1

Dear Son,

I have decided to start a category of blog posts to you, in hopes that one day you will be able to read them. These posts will mainly consist of the inner workings of my mind with the advice and stories that I would like to share. Along the way, I hope these make you laugh, educate you a little, and/or help to inspire you. Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors, as your mom is better at those things than me (or is it “I”?). Yeah, I really lucked out…..I was able to marry an amazing woman that has beauty and brains. 🙂 She’s an amazing mom too, but you already know all of this.

Early Parenthood – Despite the challenges a new parent goes through from the new life learning curve, becoming a parent is one of the greatest things in the world. The amount of joy that you have brought into our lives is indescribable. One of the coolest things when you were born was at the moment you were delivered. Your mom’s doctor* held you over the little surgery curtain and you pointed right down at her, as to say, “You’re my mommy”. I’m assuming that by the time you are reading this that you will have already been taught this by us, but just in case….my advice for today is….make sure that you are always involved in your child’s daily life from day one.

Speaking of day one as a parent….that black tarry stuff….don’t worry…..it’s normal.



*Your mom’s doctor who delivered you is a whole blog post in itself about his awesomeness, which should follow soon. (Why am I using asterisks….too many years in insurance. PS’s from this point on)


  1. Britta

    aww, this is a really cool idea, you better back these up often so they’ll be around for him to read!!

    hope to see more 🙂


    1. iJason

      Thanks! 🙂 I am thinking of pasting each blog into a page of a word document, as a possible easier way for him to read it in the future in case the site ever goes away.


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