May 25 2011

Dear Son – #4

Dear Son,

At 20 months old, you have already made us proud of you so many times. The most recent proud event occurred this past Monday (5/23/11). Your mother picked you up from school and the teacher mentioned how smart you are. She started to describe how you were one of the best in your class with picking flash cards out that they wanted you to find. Your mother mentioned how you had been good at pointing images out and the teacher semi-interrupted her to let her know that you were picking out the cards based on the words, not the pictures. The teacher said she laid out about 6 cards on the floor with the pictures down and just the words up. She then asked you to pick up the one for “Dog”. She said you looked for a second and then you walked right over and picked up the card that had “Dog” written on it. 🙂

Very proud, little man. Very proud! 🙂

I am guessing there was some retaliation from one of your classmates that must have overheard this conversation because one of them bit you on the arm the next day. I am also guessing this is a classmate the recently rolled over from your old classroom because you haven’t been bit since you graduated to your current room. In the previous room, you got bit three times within two weeks by the same person! As a semi-new parent, the news at first is a little frustrating but you learn it comes with the age and the child not knowing better. Your mother and I are very glad you aren’t a biter.

By the time you are reading this, you have probably seen these a million times but here is a picture from your recent photo shoot with the awesome Amy Smith that we just got in the mail!


If you are still getting bit in a few years, maybe I will tell you the bully, Papa’s advice, and the metal lunch box story……maybe. 🙂



PS Thank you for being amazing!

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