May 20 2011

Curve Ball


Little man's average temperature from Friday to Tuesday. 🙁

Sooooooo….unfortunately my training has been temporarily put on hold until this Saturday. My wife was out of town this week for work and initially I had my gym training schedule all planned out. Butttttt a curve ball was thrown my way, I was unprepared and I struck out. My son, who started with a fever last Friday, carried the fever into this week which resulted in him having to be taken to my mom’s instead of school. So due to the change in schedule, lack of time to make it to the gym, and not getting much sleep, I have postponed going to the gym until Saturday.

I am still motivated and have been pretty good about eating. I do have to confess that before I was able to take him to the doctor a second time and find out what was going on, I was stressed and did a little late night stress grazing. MOOOOOOOOOO!!


Come to the dark side!

We found out at the second trip to the doc, that along with his head cold, he has croup (3rd time). I felt bad for the little guy because with the head cold and fever, he had to take fever meds every 4 hours, get saline shot up his nose and then aspirated to clear things out. Now to top it all off….to help with his cough….we have to make him use this fun mechanism with the inhaler he was prescribed.


*insert Vader breathing effects here*

Glad it’s only on an as needed basis because I hated making him use it as much as he hated using it.

Some good news is that his fever broke Tuesday afternoon after the visit to the doctor, so he doesn’t have to take the fever meds anymore. Hopefully he will get his appetite back and will be able to get more rest. I do have to say, despite all of those things, he really has been a champ and was in a good mood for the majority of the time.


From Mother's Day Weekend. I didn't get a chance to shoot any during his sick week.

I am really behind on my blogging. Now that things are slowing down and going back to normal, I hope to finally get my Smallville review blog completed and posted soon.

Also, since I will have been off from the gym for over a week, I am going to start Week 2’s C25K training over again so that I don’t push myself and risk injury. The last time I tried running without a plan, I pushed too much and ended up injuring my foot.

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