Mar 10 2011

Casting Calls & Starting Over. (Part 3)

….9:35pm…a text message update comes in from Lisa…they haven’t started the call back for Orlando yet. She states that the casting call actually ran over and went until 7pm. So they will be doing the callbacks that night from 11pm to midnight. The message also notes that the two casting directors saw a total of 3,500 people! That’s a lot of unhealthy people, just for Central Florida and any other areas that people drove in from!

So the waiting continues…..

11:15pm……no call

11:25pm……no call

11:45pm……no call

I do the whole cell-phone-is-this-thing-on-diagnostic-check

11:52pm……no call

11:55pm……no call

12:ooam……no call

Thought to self: Self, they saw a lot of people today and could still be making calls.

12:04am……no call and the following tweet shows up in my Twitter feed:

So that’s it, my Biggest Loser dream is not going to come true. Before the auditions I knew that submitting a video was the next option but after learning more that they were most likely looking for related couples, I’ve decided to pass on the video idea because I don’t know anyone that can lose 100 or more lbs and physically be able to handle the show.

This isn’t a bad or negative thing. I am not down about not making it and I’m more motivated than I have ever been before. I have actually been getting anxious to get to the gym while I was waiting for the auditions but waited because I didn’t want to lose any weight. If I can keep this motivation up and meet my 2011 goal, then I am even more happy I didn’t get a call because I won’t miss any time with my beautiful wife and amazing son that the show would have demanded of me. I did find out a couple days later that two people from our group did get a callback. I hope they do well and it really would be awesome if they make the show!

My new journey begins….

My goal is to lose 100lbs by the 1st of the year. Yesterday was my first official “Weigh-in Wednesday”. My starting weight is 314.8lbs. I will post a new blog after each weigh-in each week. I will stop posting the weigh-in’s in November and will post my final weigh-in on my 36th birthday. It’s still up in the air but if I reach my goal or more, I will shave the goatee off for the first time in 14 years.

For once in my life, I have this deep feeling that I know that I am going to meet my goal and finally have a healthy lifestyle. I have to….for me, my wife, and my son.

to be co…..j/k……see you next week!


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  1. Ali

    Good luck to you! You can do anything you really want to do 🙂

    1. iJason

      Thank you! 🙂

  2. mike tokarczyk

    Sorry to hear about you not making the cut. Good Luck to you on your 100 lb goal!! We all have faith in you!

    1. iJason


  3. Geoff

    I am sorry you didn’t make the final cut, but I am glad you are still on track to do this thing!

    You have no idea how great the road ahead gets. I am just a little farther along now, and between the increased oxygen in your blood, sleeping better, getting rid of the apnea, enjoying sex more, being able and willing to DO things every day…

    It’s gonna be so friggen sweet!

    Hit me up sometime, and we will go for a big ass walk or something!

    1. iJason

      Thanks, Geoff!! I’ve been reading your blog for the last couple of months. Amazing to read about the changes!! Congrats!

      I’ll definitely do that. It’s always good to change it up!

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