May 26 2011

C25K Training – Day 7

Wednesday I hit the gym again and completed another successful treadmill training session. I did have to pause twice to tie my shoe (apparently I forgot how to do this properly) but fortunately it was during the walk intervals.


I also had a new set of headphones that I bought on Tuesday that helped drown out the surrounding noises and keep me focused again. The TV had a little static, but no one was around me and the treadmill belt was strong enough to hold me fat arse without slipping, so I stuck with it.

Awesome parking spot too! 🙂


Yeah, I shouldn’t be excited because I should be getting exercise, but it’s nice not to have to go far after the workout. (No wonder this guy is fat. So lazy!)

I do have to sadly say though…………that will be my last run until I can reach my goal of losing 100 lbs. I have not liked the way my knees have felt during the training and this week I think they were really trying to give me a warning. I hate that I have to do this, but I would rather do cardio another way in order to lose enough weight so that I can actually try running again versus pushing through, causing damage to a knee, and then not be able to do any cardio at all or postpone it for a period of time. So that temporarily ends my journey for any type of 5K training for now. I WILL pick it up again once I lose the weight though because it is a goal I still want to achieve.

Another positive is that I can be more creative with my post titles because let’s face it, these Post titles are blaaaaaaaaah. Now I can make them a little more interesting. Who am I kidding, if you know me, they will most likely be more cheesy than anything due to being a huge fan of movie quotes. 🙂

So to keep the cardio challenging, I am taking on my old nemesis on Friday….The Elliptical. Next to running, this is the next best cardio machine that has always challenged me and never bothered my knees. I can also get in 45 mins versus the 30 mins I was restricted to in the C25K training to prevent injury. (Prevent injury, yeah tell that to my knees.)

In other related news, the diet is going well. I have been slacking about including images from dinner this week, so here is what we had on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Both were good and I was able to get some grilling in too! 🙂 Also, I have not grazed since Sunday night!! It is very challenging not to graze at night because I am a little hungry an hour or so after my allowed “after dinner treat”. When that happens I just chug a cup of water and eat some ice. That seems to make it go away.  It’s also funny how much of an overall grazer that I am. I had to catch myself from having a couple of bites of my son’s snack of cheese cubes as I was laying them out on a plate for him. (Get in my belllllaayyy!!)

Along with wanting to develop my opinion of the diet before I talk about it, I am also still learning it and want to educate myself more. The wifey has been awesome with getting everything organized as well as prepping and making the meals. I hope to look into it more this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend….many challenges await but that’s a whole separate blog. This one is long enough. 🙂 (The guy just goes on and on and on.)


What piece of equipment or exercise challenges you? Does it ever get the best of you or do you push through?

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