May 24 2011

C25K Training – Day 6

After a little over a week long hiatus due to life, I made it back to the gym on Monday to continue my training. I started week 2 over again with the 5 minute brisk walk and then alternating intervals of running (90 seconds) and walking (2 minutes) for 20 minutes. Then I finished with a 5 minute brisk walk for an overall total workout time of 30 minutes.


Overall the workout went well with me completing each interval. However, before it started, there were some definite change ups thrown my way.

It first started in my car when I was getting my iPod ready. I usually walk in from the parking lot listening to something to get me pumped up. I also usually only stick an earphone in one hear so I can hear the front desk person. So I hit play and nothing is coming out. The iPod is working and the counter is going, but no music. I try the other earphone and it’s working. Nice, now with only one working, I can’t completely drown out the sounds around me and let the music get in my head to keep me going during the workout. (What…I get easily distracted. 🙂 Lately, I think everyone’s looking at the fat guy trying to run.)

Then I get upstairs to the treadmills and there is someone running next to the one I like to use. I like having treadmills on either side empty to keep me from getting distracted from smells, sounds, and just overall thinking someone is watching the fat guy attempt to run (I know, no one really is looking. It’s a mental block I am working on overcoming.) So, I pick a treadmill two down. I get everything situated and then get started. 20 seconds into it, I notice the belt is slipping to the side as I step down on the right. I hit the stop button, gather my stuff and move the next treadmill to my left.

I get on that one, get all set, turn the TV on (yes, each cardio machine has it’s own TV. it’s awesome!) and all the channels are fuzzy. Since I listen to music, I usually set the Closed Caption on to read to help the time go by faster, so I need a TV that works. At this point I am close to just saying, eff it, and head home. Buttttt that’s what Evil Fatty wants. So I suck it up, say screw it if people are going to laugh, pick a treadmill in the front row and get started. This time, everything was perfect with the treadmill.

Along with being proud I completed each running interval without stopping a little early, I was really proud that I didn’t give up before I started.

Tuesday is a rest day and I will be back at it on Wednesday.

On a side note, the wifey and I have decided this week to stop doing Weight Watchers and to try a new diet that we found out about. It’s completely new to us, so I am going to wait to talk about it until I can form my own opinion on it without outside comments and opinions.

Do you have any mental distractions when you go to the gym? Have you ever walked away just before or in the middle of a workout?

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