May 13 2011

C25K Training – Day 4

Ok, so really….it had been 5 days since I had been to the gym. I initially planned on taking Fri-Sun off due to the holiday weekend plans that I had planned out, but I just wasn’t motivated to go Monday or Tuesday. (Damn you, Evil Fatty!) So really Wednesday was the ninth day since I started training and actually only the 4th time working out.  I’m a little unsure if I should put 4 or 9, but for now it will be 4.

Since I took three more days of rest than what is recommended, I wasn’t sure if I should just start Week 1 over or go into Week 2’s training schedule. After thinking it over and wanting to punish Evil Fatty (that bastard), I decided to start Week 2’s schedule which is a brisk walk for 5 minutes and then intervals of running (90 seconds) and walking (2 minutes) for 20 minutes. Since I am still getting into shape, I walk at a 3 and run at a 5 with no incline. The good news is, the 60 seconds of running each time was easier than last week. The bad news is, the additional 30 seconds kicked me arse! But no matter how many times I wanted to slow down, I pushed through and completed it.


I was pretty impressed with myself that I was able to do it. Especially with the inner distraction about missing the gym for 5 days and the outer distraction from the dude on the treadmill next to me clearing his throat every 30 seconds! (Dude, drink some effing water!) Of course it wasn’t as distracting as the “Tijuana hooker smell” that was described in a blog that I recently started following. (I definitely recommend subscribing if you are a blog reader.)

The additional punishment after the treadmill was to do the elliptical for 15 minutes.


After I was done, I felt pretty good but was very tired. You can probably tell how tired I was based on how hard it was for me to get a clear picture when I finished. I was also so tired that I forget to get pics of dinner, which was pork loin with a sweet potato and this awesome thing the wifey does with asparagus. Basically she cooks asparagus with an egg and pours in a little vinegar and sugar or sweetener. Some of you may have already had this before but I had never had it until we started dating. It’s gooooood!

I guess one of the benefits of pushing my out of shape arse is that I was in bed and out cold before 11:30.  Thursday was a rest day and Friday’s workout will be the same as Wednesday’s, including the elliptical. Gotta continue to teach Evil Fatty that he isn’t wanted and to not come back. If you are unsure of who Evil Fatty is, then you should visit my older post. 🙂

Do you punish yourself when you miss the gym longer than you should have? Do you have an Evil Fatty within you that you are constantly trying to battle?


  1. Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run

    Woo I got a shout out! I mean, it was a shout out that had to do with a Tijuana hooker, but I’ll take it.
    Nice job on the run! Evil Fatty should be proud. 🙂
    Oh, and I did a HARD workout last night, and am already punishing myself for not working out today yet when I know my ass will be sitting on a plane for 4 hours. Ugh.

  2. iJason

    LOL…I will make sure next time that there will be one that doesn’t involve a Tijuana hooker. 🙂 (I can only imagine what visitors are thinking that go straight to the comments section.)
    You could try running up and down the aisle of the plane during the flight but that may be frowned upon. “Thanks a lot Bin Laden.”

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