May 06 2011

C25K Training – Day 3

Thursday was Cinco de Mayo. Normally I am headed home from work to get ready to go out to consume Corona and margaritas, but on this day, I was headed to the gym for the 3rd day of C25K training. I had more confidence than I did on Tuesday and had a really good run/walk. It was a little bit easier and I didn’t feel like my lungs and heart were going to explode. I continued with the first week’s routine that I did on Tuesday.

Since it felt a little better, I wasn’t as eager to slow the speed down at the walk interval and went just a little farther. The max I go at is 5.1 when I am running…errr jogging. Since I have over 300lbs coming down on my knees, I figure it would be best to not destroy them before I complete the 9 week training.

My triceps and chest muscles were pretty sore on Thursday which made raising my arms to wash my hair and also eat, interesting. I am sure many people got a kick out of watching me try to eat my breakfast while I was driving to work.

Even though this is the first Cinco de Mayo that didn’t include adult beverages, I still had to partake in some of the cuisine.

Lean beef with low fat cheese and low fat sour cream was used. It wasn’t a completely healthy meal but I think it was pretty good considering this is one of my favorite holidays to normally celebrate with lots of drinks and food. I also bypassed dessert and didn’t graze.

So far the new routine feels good. I am curious to see how the weigh-in goes on Monday. If I don’t see the improvement I am looking for, then I will probably shift to the old Weight Watchers program I use to follow. It worked well for me and I wasn’t exercising.

Friday is a complete rest day and date night with my beautiful wife! 🙂

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