May 05 2011

C25K Training – Day 2

Per the training schedule, Wednesday was a rest day for C25K. I still wanted to get the gym though and get some weight training in for my upper body. I decided to do my favorite workout routine of chest and triceps. These were always my strongest and I needed a bit of a confidence booster after Tuesday’s shaky start. Normally on the first day of weight training I go a little easy because I know that I will be crippled the next day. I was feeling good and energetic, so I pushed it as if I had been lifting for a week. I started my first set with semi-heavy weight and then gradually increased the weight with lower reps in my second and third sets. I also only allowed myself 10 seconds of rest in between each set. I had forgotten how much I love the burn after each set. (Yeah, I’m a little weird like that. There’s just something that makes me feel more alive.) You would think someone that enjoyed it so much, would go more. The reason I didn’t go before wasn’t about not liking it as it was for making excuses that I didn’t have time.

One thing that bothered me a little but also motivated me, is that I just fit into this triceps machine.

I plan on being more comfortable sitting in it by the end of summer.

When I got home, we made lemon pepper chicken kabobs on the grill with rice.  I am still learning my new grill and never really was great at cooking kabobs, but they cooked pretty good this time. Green and yellow peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions are always so much better on a grill than in a pan.

After dinner, we had this very tasty and filling fruit bowl with a table spoon of fat free whip cream.

Overall it was a good day. I was able to get through machines quickly at the gym because there were no chatters or gawkers and I had a well portioned dinner with no over eating. (Evil Fatty was pissed!)

Thursday is the second walk/run training day of the week and I’m looking forward to dominating the treadmill again.


  1. Wifey

    Proud of you baby…and dinner was delish!

    1. iJason

      Thank you! Glad you liked! Also proud of you and your running/rowing accomplishment yesterday! 🙂

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