Apr 07 2011

Boy Meets Grill

Ok, here she is….our new grill…..

With a 667 sq in. cooking area, I am looking forward to putting it to work soon! Maybe this weekend. If not, definitely Monday.

I got a better grill cover than the one I had last time. This one is pretty heavy duty and should keep it better protected. I also learned how to properly clean my grates. The grates are porcelain-coated cast iron. I like the cast iron because of the great heat retention. On these types of grates you shouldn’t use steel bristle brushes and just use the scrubber pad type brushes to help keep the coating on longer. I used the steel bristles on my last one and everything eventually started sticking because the coating was gone.

I very rarely use the burner on the side but I made sure to buy a grill that had one because a friend of mine made a good point that it comes in handy when you lose power for a long period of time from a hurricane or a major thunderstorm.

I need to breakout the Weber, Weight Watchers, and Biggest Loser cookbooks for some recipes and see what cool stuff I can cook. Recipes are always welcome.



  1. Geoff

    Nice! My coating is, as you say, completely gone. I may opt for Stainless, but my wife Jen has promised a Big Green Egg this year if we save enough.

    I will be in heaven.

    You know what is great on the grill? Squash. Couldn’t be easier. Cut it broad, like a bias 45 degree cut, so you have big slices of summer squash. Then drizzle some olive oil and unload the pepper mill on them. Takes about 5-10 minutes per side.

    Also, if you are already cooking a long thing (like chicken), you can wrap some sweet potatoes in foil, toss in a spoon of olive oilor a pat of butter and a bunch of ground cinnamon.

    I know, you are staring at me right now. Butter? Really?

    Really. The Beta Carotene in orange foods is high, and sweet potatoes are rich with it, but the only way to get the majority of that goodness is give your stomach the keys to unlock the code. Fat is that key. Pretty neat!

    If you toss in some water, it will bubble, and thus steam, your sweet potato away. Steaming is a better way to unleash the nutrients, too. Or at least, that is what the internet told me.

    What I love love love on the grill? A big slab of salmon, with olive oil and paprika and pepper. The crackle of the skin, and knowing I am about to get an Omega-3 dropkick in the stomago? Si.

    Regarding that side burner: It can take a while to boil water, but where it excels is in keeping sauce bubbly get yourself a li’l sauce pot, so you can baste your favorite asparagus with some soy/garlic/chive tastiness.

    1. iJason

      I saw what I think was the Big Green Egg when we were shopping around. It was pretty awesome! The lid will give you a workout though. haha

      Ironically my wife bought squash this week. We will have to try it out!

      We usually did corn and regular potatoes before but never did sweet potatoes which is odd because we prefer those over regular potatoes. We will definitely try out what you recommended for next week!

      Lots of good stuff to start off with thanks!

      One thing we definitely miss is grilling peaches! We usually cut them in half and then throw them on for about a minute or two on each side.

      (Reviewing this makes me realize I use too many !!!’s)!

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