Aug 23 2011

Blogging Detour: Biggest Loser Auditions

I was originally going to make Tuesday my official Tech Tuesday post day from this point on (you know you love me pestering you about G+  😀 ) but there was something else I wanted to share from the ole soapbox.  I’m not big about ranting on my blog, especially when I am not personally involved but this is something I felt needed to be out there.

As most of you know, I tried out for the Biggest Loser back in March for Season 12.


Well they came back this past weekend looking for Season 13 contestants. I don’t know if I had another shot to cut the line through the VIP pass I got from the awesome former contestant of the show (Lisa rocks!) but I decided to pass because after going to the previous auditions and seeing many there that were a lot bigger with health issues, I just felt like there were more deserving people than me and I’d hate to be the person that caused one of them not to be seen due to audition time running out. Plus I don’t think I could leave my family for as long as the show required, had I made it into later rounds.

Anyways, I was very disappointed to hear how rude the casting directors were to everyone that auditioned as well as to one of their own (did I mention Lisa rocks!) who always promotes how awesome the show is and the people involved. I was told that there were times that the casting directors weren’t paying attention when someone was telling their story and that everyone was basically treated like “cattle” and were rushed through their audition…which is already only 1-2 minutes per person. Now I understand they have a lot of people to see in one day and would like to get to them all, but at least give the person waiting in the hot and humid weather for several hours their 1-2 minutes. The crazy thing is, not as many people showed up compared to March and those awesome directors gave each of us our allowed time and paid attention.

Before I auditioned in March, I followed all of the different BL Twitter accounts and their YouTube casting account to get an idea of what to expect on audition day. I didn’t think of it at the time but after hearing about this past weekend, I am really put off about how I came across some comments about how it was a long day for the casting directors and that the stories are repetitive. Well boo-effing-hoo. It must be sooooooooo tough to work for a huge broadcasting network, probably making good money, and have the ability to travel to different major cities in the US. It’s not like it’s that tough and you have to judge someone based on their acting skills or singing/dancing talents. You are also sitting in the A/C all day with access to whatever you would like to drink or eat while fans of the show (the reason you have a job) are standing in a crowded line for hours in 100 degree weather!

Another sad and disappointing part is that one of the casting directors was a former contestant! You would think they would completely understand what it was like to be on the other end of the table. Apparently instead of becoming a casting director for the show, the person should have tried acting because they were one of my favorites and I had thought they were really nice.

I also don’t want to hear the excuse, “Well, I was having a bad day”. I really don’t care. Be professional! *insert Jimmy Dougan no crying in baseball speech voice* I lost my father when I was 17 and I had to go back to work at Disney two weeks after he passed. What did I do? I put on my happy Disney smile, treated people with respect, and never showed any type of attitude.

All of the people in the group I was in, in March as well as the few I met waiting in line, are really great people. All of them were humble and appreciative for getting the chance to tryout for this life saving opportunity. I am guessing the same type of people were there this past weekend and it just really sucks that they weren’t given the proper respect and opportunity to tell their story.

Hopefully the letter that was written to the head of casting from the person* that I know who gave me the info, will be heard and adjustments will be made.

That’s all for now…..*steps off of soapbox*…..back to the usual funny, food, parenting, and techy stuff. 😉


*Side note: This info was provided to me through someone that tried out, not Lisa.

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