Apr 22 2011

Batting .200

So Wednesday night I came down with some type of stomach issue that carried itself into Thursday, to where I couldn’t even go to work. Fortunately, by Thursday night I was starting to feel better. So how many goals got accomplished….1 out of 5.

The 5 short-short term goals list from Thursday:

  • Drink only water except for one diet caffeine free coke at dinner – FAIL (I ended up having a regular diet coke towards the middle of the day and then an Arnold Palmer Zero with dinner)
  • Get at least 30 minutes of exercise in – FAIL (Does couch to bathroom to couch to bathroom to couch count?)
  • Do not eat after 8pm – FAIL (Late start on getting dinner started after putting little man down. But there was no late night grazing)
  • Eat smaller portions at each major meal with a small healthy snack in between – PASS (Nothing like a stomach issue to help accomplish this goal)
  • Make short-short term goal list for Friday – FAIL (I’m did make one for Saturday though)

I am following pretty much the same routine on Friday that I did yesterday (minus the couch/bathroom marathon) to make sure I am feeling better by Monday, where I will be posting a new short term goal adventure that I have planned.

5 short-short term goals for Saturday:

  • Drink only water except for one diet soda of choice for dinner
  • Work on dinner menu for next week.
  • Do not eat/graze after dinner.
  • Eat smaller portions at each major meal
  • Make short-short term goal list for Easter Sunday (Evil Fatty isn’t going to like this one)

I do have to say, it’s amazing how clear the mind is when you don’t a have stomach full of crap in it.

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  1. Michelle

    You CAN reach your goals — I know you can! Sorry you weren’t feeling good — but it’s almost like you got a fresh start. Good luck with tomorrow’s goals 🙂

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