Aug 12 2013

Baby Updates and Burgers


So B (aka lil man #2) isn’t due to eat until midnight, so instead of going to sleep for two hours, I’ve decided to get an update post in since things have been busy. I always thought time went by fast with one child but with two, it’s even faster! I would imagine those with more than two, just blink and the day is over.

Things are still going well and B’s getting bigger (11.9 lbs at 7 weeks, the lil chunker 🙂 ). I’ve somewhat adjusted to waking up every three to four hours to assist the wifey with feeding B. She’s nursing and we’ve continued the same routine that worked well for us with E (aka lil man #1). The baby wakes up, I get him from the bassinet, change his diaper and then get him to her. I lay back down and then get back up once he’s done to swaddle and then hold him up for an extra 15 mins because he has a small bit of reflux. She goes to sleep when I take him and I usually follow a little  later after I put him down.  It works out well and neither of us are too tired the next day.

Due to not being a complete zombie during the day, I’ve rejoined a gym and have been working out for two weeks now. I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before from me, so I am not going into details nor will I be creating posts about it all until I am in a true routine.

Just before I started working out, my wife and I unfortunately/fortunately learned about Burger 21 and That One Spot. Both places are amazing and I have no idea why anyone would want to waste any more time at the “Yummmmm” burger place that opened over here last year.

We’ve been a couple of times to both. At Burger 21, I had these two awesomely amazing burgers!

Tex Mex Burger
Tex-Mex Haystack Burger
Black & Blue Burger
Black & Blue Burger

I’ve also shared this awesome shake there!

Creme Brulee Shake

That delicious goodness that my wife is drinking is their creme brulee shake. Yeah, definitely not a good discovery when I am trying to lose weight. haha

After we thought we found the best burger joint in Orlando, we went to That One Spot and it took the lead with this….

B.B. Burger

Their BB Burger! This heavenly made burger has caramelized onions, their creamy horseradish yum yum sauce, cheddar cheese, smokey brisket, and applewood smoked bacon. Probably the best burger I have ever eaten. I loved flame grilled flavor in the burger.  My wife has had the Crunch Burger and That One Burger which were top notch as well! It’s an independent owned restaurant and I hope they do very well.

Along with coming across new food, we came across this new show on Netflix:

Orange is the new Black

I was hesitant about the show before putting it on, but instantly got hooked and we completed the series within a few days. There are serious parts but a lot of funny moments. If you have Netflix, I definitely recommend it.

I threw my pie for you.

My new Netflix addiction is House of Cards. I’m three Chapters in and Spacey is awesome in the character. I will post a review when I’m done.

House of Cards

 What show(s) are you addicted to? Do you prefer to watch them all at once on Netflix or weekly?

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