Jul 17 2013

Our New Addition Has Arrived!


We are now a family of 4! Please welcome the newest member to our family, lil man #2!


This awesome lil man arrived a few weeks ago and I am just now getting around to normal brain function from some more sleep. I actually can’t complain. The little guy took to nursing like a pro, doesn’t have the huge appetite that he his big brother did, and so far, only a few long nights.


Big brother (E) has been amazing with his little brother (B) and the actual first smiles from B were when E was holding him. It’s so awesome to see we have raised E so far to have such a big heart. I know things will change when they get older and the typical sibling bickering begins. Until then, we are taking every caring moment in.


The road to B’s arrival has actually been a little bumpy. What most people don’t know is that we were actually pregnant last summer and found out in week 8 that we lost the baby around weeks 5 and 6. It was the roughest time mentally since my dad passed 19 years ago. The first pregnancy with E went so perfect and smooth, this was a huge curve ball for us. Fortunately we had family and friends to support us and most important of all, we had E. That lil man with his huge smile, laugh, and heart helped make things easier.

Positive news then followed 2 months later when we found out we were pregnant with B! It was awesome news but also a paranoid time. At about 4 weeks pregnant, my wife was traveling for work in South Florida and went to her parents for lunch. While she was there she experienced some bleeding. She rested overnight and came home the next day. It turned out that everything was ok and that the bleeding was from B “nuzzling’ into an internal type bruise (there is a medical term for it that’s slipping my mind, so we’ll call it a bruise). The next few months actually went really well with great checkups. Then we were just a little over a month away from the estimated delivery date and an ultrasound showed there was a little more amniotic fluid than what’s normal. We were then scheduled for two sonogram tests per week to check on B’s stress levels. He aced all of them but a second ultrasound showed the fluid was off the charts and the doctor scheduled us for delivery at 38 weeks. Excessive amniotic fluid can mean many things and of course, both of us stupidly went on the Internet to research it to learn about birth defects and feeding issues. I finally learned my lesson and will never do that again! B was born with no birth defects or feeding issues! 🙂

B did have to spend several hours in the transition nursery to ensure his lungs would clear out all of the amniotic fluid. He was taken c-section, so since he didn’t travel through the birth canal, the fluid wasn’t squeezed out. He pulled through that well and was in our room by the evening. The overall hospital experience is whole separate blog.

It’s been three weeks and it took a small adjustment to get the cobwebs out of the newborn parenting skills, but things have been great with our new little addition.



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