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Hi there! Welcome to the page About Me and how awesome I am. I’m really not that awesome, but I was curious to see what it was like to type something with overconfidence.

I live in Central Florida with my beautiful wife aka the wifey and my amazing son aka little man. We are also expecting little one number two in July 2013. They are my life and I never knew I could love so much. Almost 19 years ago, I lost a bit of life’s sunshine and happiness when my father passed away and they both have been able to completely bring it all back!


I have lived in Central Florida for almost 25 years. I’m originally from Virginia with a 5 year run in New Jersey. Due to all of the moving, my sports teams range from the Washington Redskins to the New York Mets to the UCF Knights.

I’m a rookie blogger that has always enjoyed reading other blogs of random people with similar interests. I’m a big movie and TV show quote nerd, so you will probably find a lot of quotes and references throughout my posts. You will also find a bit of sarcasm.

Posts that you will find here will mainly be about Family, Food, Fitness, Fun, and Disney. Yeah, so much for staying with a first letter theme. šŸ™‚ I’m a NASA nut that participated in my first NASA Social in 2012, so there will be NASA related posts. You will also find the occasional computer and tech post because I’m a bit of a nerd. But remember, this nerd has a beautiful wife!

Thanks again for stopping in. I hope you stay for a while and enjoy the journey of my life.

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