May 02 2011

5/1/2011 – United We Stand!

My wife and I were on the couch catching up on our DVR and I was just about to start another show when we hear NBC do their breaking news chime. Then we read this, “Breaking News: President Obama to hold news conference. Subject: Unannounced.” So I immediately change to CNN and go to all of the news sites on Internet to see if any of them found out the subject and were releasing info on it. ┬áNothing other than it will be about national security. ┬áSo my wife and I kind of got a little nervous about such a late press conference on national security. About 10 minutes go by and this is retweeted on Twitter from a local news reporter:

Another 5 minutes went by before any of the new sites or CNN on the TV reported this information. (It’s amazing how powerful social media really is. If you aren’t on Twitter, you need to be.) From that point on, the Internet exploded with the information. I was able to screen capture most of the major US news sites:

At about 11:30pm, President Obama made the historical statement that Osama Bin Laden has been killed.

I’m not a political person in any way and it’s times like these that I am glad we can finally get some political relief, put all politics aside and truly be the UNITED States of America!

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