Jun 16 2011

13 on 13

I did my weigh-in on Monday and lost……..another 2lbs. That brings my total overall weight-loss to 13lbs. 🙂 I was hoping for a bigger loss but I didn’t expect one because I allowed myself a dinner treat on Friday and had a toasted Italian sub and a chocolate cannoli for dessert at one of my favorite locally owned restaurants. I also had a couple of bites of little man’s pizza. It was against the whole, no white flour during the first four weeks of the eating plan I have been on, but I have finally realized the main reason why I fail all the time. I go hardcore with eating healthy, cutting everything bad out and then get burned out. I can’t do that. I need to treat myself now and then, but I just need to make sure it’s still portion controlled and that I am back on track for the next meal or day. I did that over the weekend and I am still on track with eating healthy.

The wifey brought up a good point the other night when talking about weight-loss and those that want to lose weight but aren’t motivated enough to truly do it versus those that want to lose weight and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it done. She said that I was in the “whatever it takes to get it done” mode. That one comment made me feel really good and motivated me more to continue on my new path towards a healthy lifestyle.

On Saturday, to save money and to make sure we had healthy food for the week, we hit up our local farmer’s market and got all of this…..

….for $22!! It’s hard to tell but there is even more underneath each pile. If you have a farmer’s market near you, definitely go there to get your fruits and vegetables.

I didn’t make it to the gym last Friday (another reason the loss wasn’t that big) but I did have the home project that I did over the weekend that had the heart rate going a little more than sitting on the couch.

I am hitting the gym Tuesday and Thursday this week to change it up and to open up some time to get a few important things done.

The weekend is going to be a challenge with guy’s night and Father’s Day Weekend plans (the wifey and I like to spoil each other), but I am determined to not go overboard.


  1. Wifey

    So proud of you!

  2. Michelle


    2lbs is nothing to laugh at! And like you said — you limit yourself, you set yourself to fall back into bad habits. Everything in moderation — they KEY is finding YOUR moderation (hint: it’s not easy, but you WILL get there).

  3. Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run

    What’s this chocolate cannoli business? I’m going to get a fried Twix right now…

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